The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Bakers

Oh I was just doing a little browsing on the old inter-webs and came up with this little list of cute things that would be great gifts on Valentine’s Day for all my fellow bakers! Feel free to send me one of each too 🙂


Seriously gorgeous place to store your bread – Verdant Bread Bin by Anthropologie

Sprinkles!! And Valentine’s Day themed! This one is called Be Mine by Sweetapolita. 

Nordic Bakeware- I always use my mom’s gorgeous spiral bundt pan when I’m home. They have the most gorgeous designs!! Link to the Sunburst Cake Mold in the Center!


CUTEST Apron! Can’t help from starting to sing too~ oops! Bakers Gonna Bake Apron from OldEnglishCo over on Etsy.


😀 Ok Fine maybe a bit cheesy but man is it super cute!! Now I see a heart-shaped chocolate soufflé for two in my future.  Heart Cocotte from Le Creuset.

A couple more things that almost made the list: Champagne & Strawberry Lollipops, Monogramed Red Spatula from William Sonoma, and a great set of piping tips from Ateco.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day! I’ll be baking some cookies as per usual 😀

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  • February 11, 2017 at 1:08 pm

    Very beautiful pictures where all may be tasty.


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