Tomato Tart Tatin for Two!

I’m not a major fan of Valentine’s day, it’s just so cheesy. I think love should be celebrated every day. 🙂 BUT I do love making themed things to eat for it (oh I know that’s super cheesy too, eh, who cares!)! Like this Tomato Tart Tatin for Two! Perfect to share with good friends or your amour, as you can size it…

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My Stay at Chateau de Gudanes

The address simply says Chateau de Gudanes and the tiny 49 person town it’s located in. No number, just an assumption that the mailman knows the way. The trip to the Chateau started with a 6 hour train ride from Paris to Toulouse. I was gazing out the window almost the entire time as the terrain changed from flat to…

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Renting an Apartment in Paris

Since starting to post about living in Paris, one of the most frequent questions (besides the language) that I’ve gotten is about renting an apartment. I can honestly say it was the hardest part of living abroad for me. I ended up moving 4 times in one year and looked at a ridiculous amount of places with little to no success.…

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Lucien and the Horse Tale

I came back from a rainy walk around the nearby villages one day and bumped into my now good friend Lucien- a French man of a distinguished age who told me one day that he was going to chainsaw some lumber later that afternoon and another day that he was painting a house. yup. Him, his German friend and the Australians…

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The Nectarine Tart Story

The beginning of the Nectarine tart story has to start with a quick lay of the land. Currently I’m helping at Chateau de Gudanes which is situated in a tiny 344 person town. They know the exact number of people and that it might increase to 346 soon. Monday in little bitty towns in France are much like Sunday, except…

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