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Life in Another Country

Today is my Birthday!! I’m weird! I actually like celebrating other people’s birthday’s more than my own. So today instead of something silly, I thought I’d share something more personal to me about my life here in France. I hope you like it! 🙂 When […]

Lost in Translation~ Funny Sayings in French

“nous” vs “nu” … (if you know French you’re probably giggling right now 😉 ). There’s “to” and “two” in English, but those are harmless. But “nous” and “nu” – sound exactly the same to me. There’s a slight intonation difference like “work” and “walk”. […]

My New Owl!

Say hello to my new owl!! Since getting to Paris I’ve been dying to go to a flea market and scavenge! Then I met Ian. Ian of The Baking Chin at school one day. This is Ian- Hi Ian!! Making “Pain aux Raisins!” I can […]

Moving Moving Demenage… Encore! yay.

So I’m done moving for a bit!! yay!! I moved last weekend, this time, back close to the Champ de Mars and my friend, the Eiffel. 🙂 hi Eiffel!! I have to lean out the window, stand on my tiptoes and look to the right […]

A wee bit of Scotland~ Edinburgh

Intermediate Pastry finished a week and a half ago. So crazy!!! It is passing so quickly. We had about a week off (broken up by graduation- um who can say poor planning!). Tina and I decided a bit of traveling was due! We weirdly started […]

August in Paris

A return of scarves and black articles of clothing has to mean one thing–> The Parisians are back! I might have been watching movies at an open air cinema in Paris and doing day trips. 🙂 Not a bad deal! I’d actually been anticipating August […]