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It was the first rainy day in my new apartment and despite a couple rain drops coming in through the open window above my bed, I didn’t want to get up. Didn’t even want to close the window. But, the thought of being homeless mid-September […]

Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies

Last weekend we had the fiesta of a lifetime! Even though I would have been happy drinking 5 margaritas, the enchiladas, dips, and nachos were a-mazing!! For dessert I attempted to make something Dulce de Leche. Not knowing my area too too well I set […]

A Mexican Fiesta Outside of Paris!

I first met Jessica through her Seven Layer Dip. We were at a massive picnic for Jenni’s birthday and I was late. Well I thought I was on time by French standards but with picnics you have to be on time! Or all the food […]

Mon Nouvelle Appartement

I feel at peace in my new apartment. Even though I’ll only be here for a month and a half I’m so glad that I was able to make it my own during that time. It’s been a rush looking for the perfect place (14 […]

Un Coup de Chance?

Last time we talked things were a bit hectic. I had a couple of days until the end of the month, had visited upwards of 10 apartments and still hadn’t found the one. Jerome of the mini house down a corridor between two apartment buildings […]

The Hunt.

The last couple of days have looked like this for me: Stare at the computer, refresh. wait! refresh. pounce! Email! Text! *silent prayer* please contact me!!!! It’s July and my lease ends at the end of the month. 5 days people! I’m frantic! Like a […]