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A Couple Easter Things

I’m still recuperating from having my tonsils out which has given me quite a lot of time to scrounge through the internet while I’m not watching the entire series of Castle. I’ve found some super cute Easter things that I wanted to share with you! […]

Triple Threat Chocolate Cookies

I was going to put the full name of this cookie as the title but it was a little long! Here we go- chocolate chocolate chip white chocolate chip cookies. Woo that’s a mouthful! And a tasty one at that. The first day I made […]

Tonsils ~ Be Gone You Pests! oh and Adenoids- You too!

*Heads up #1: I’m currently taking quite a bit of painkillers so if something sounds a bit weird- you’ll know why… 😀 *Heads up #2: I’ve tried to keep anything gruesome out of this! So don’t worry! There’s just one paragraph but a warning before […]

The Trip Back to the US

I’ve been back in the US for just over 2 weeks now. It feels like so much longer though. I miss France like crazy even as things are slipping more into normal here. I’ve been busy and bored. It’s a weird discombobulation of things- working […]

On Coming Back

I’ve had a lot of people from the States ask me if “I’m ever coming back.” In response, I’d probably chuckle and say that I didn’t want to or say “Never!” and we’d talk about other things. But the question misses one crucial thing~ the […]

Me & the Baking Chin~ Video

My friend Ian and I made a video on how to make my Browned Butter Brownies a couple of months ago in his apartment in Paris! Here it is! I hope you enjoy, especially the song at the end. haha 🙂 Make sure to check […]