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For Paris Residents

My passion is baking unique and delicious treats. Part of the fun is sharing it with people and seeing the joy it spreads. If you live in Paris and are interested in homemade American treats like cookies, cakes, or brownies, or French treats like tart citron, macarons, or nougatine for any special occasion, shoot me and email at toffeebitsandchocolatechips@gmail.com and I will send you all sorts of ideas for your upcoming event.

I also offer at home private pastry classes in any subject you choose! Specialties of mine are French macarons and tarts!

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2 thoughts on “For Paris Residents”

  • Hi! I am an American living in Paris and I saw your pop up Texas brunch for this weekend at the Hood. I’m so excited to attend! Is it possible (or necessary?) to make a reservation? Also, is the event cash only? I just want to be prepared! 🙂


  • Hi Gretchen! That’s great!!! We aren’t taking reservations, so be sure to get there early. I’ve heard that Sunday is busier than Saturday and earlier in the day it’s less busy. Cash or card! Hope to see you there!

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