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Mini Chocolate Heart Cakes

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! I had a little rendevous at my friend Cara’s place from le 5eme Etage. The goal was to A. make a heart shaped tomato tarte tatin that I’d had milling around in my brain for the last couple of weeks. It’s terribly easy and I was curious to see if the tomatoes would work…

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Grapefruit Sandwich Cookies

They’re refreshing with a zing- Thanks Peter for the intro! and guess what I posted the recipe! It’s here! It’s here! hi Peter Hi! You know how you can make cookies/cakes/baked treats with lemon zest- well you can do the same with grapefruit! All you need is one grapefruit, a zester, and a delicate/decisive touch (but that just sounds wrong).…

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Valentine’s Day Baking Ideas

Valentine’s Day is one of my absolute favorite days to bake. There’s so many cute themed treats! Also I get to dress Peanut up like this: or this…   He loves both outfits, can’t you tell? haha   Baking Ideas for Valentine’s Day from my Blog: Strawberry and Rosemary Scones (cut in heart shapes!) Cranberry Orange Nut Bread (wrapped up in a…

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