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Happy Macaron Day!

You delicious little desserts you! Hope you were able to grab one today!    

20. March 2015 by Molly
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Sweet Potato Bacon Risotto

Risotto is one of those dishes you make with love. It takes a little time, you have to be attentive, and when it comes together it’s so comforting and delicious on a cold day. This one is pretty simple, it’s … Continue reading

23. November 2014 by Molly
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Recently Random

- We had the most incredibly awesome storm yesterday. It latest 10 minutes. The winds were horizontal. There was hail. IT. WAS. AWESOME! Except some people’s power has been out for two days now. Texas storms! – I’m in LOVE … Continue reading

04. October 2014 by Molly
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Baking with Abby & Sophie!

Yesterday I was over at my friend Peter’s house teaching his kids Sophie and Abby how to bake! We made the nearing celebrity status browned butter brownies, pastry crust, and then folded together whipped cream and a lime curd I’d made … Continue reading

21. August 2014 by Molly
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What’s Up in Tejas!

Qu’est-ce qui se passe au Texas? I haven’t been writing too many personal blog posts lately! You’ll know fairly soon why…. To recap- I’ve been back in the US since mid-March, about 4 1/2 months now. Just crazy! It seems like … Continue reading

30. July 2014 by Molly
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