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The Trip Back to the US

I’ve been back in the US for just over 2 weeks now. It feels like so much longer though. I miss France like crazy even as things are slipping more into normal here. I’ve been busy and bored. It’s a … Continue reading

30. March 2014 by Molly
Categories: paris, Travel | 7 comments

Toddling About England~ Christmas 2013

When in England, do as the Brits do and drink lots and lots of tea, then try a British accent, throw in words like “drop, splash, dribble” and eat everything in sight until your stomach hurts! It was going to … Continue reading

20. January 2014 by Molly
Categories: christmas, england, Travel | 4 comments

Appartement Drama~ The Backstory to my trip to Brussels

I think most, no let’s say all of my issues living abroad have coincided with apartments. I’ve moved now four times, and soon to be a fifth in the span of ten months. A quick recap of my living situation … Continue reading

09. January 2014 by Molly
Categories: paris, Travel | 2 comments

A Trip to Versailles

I went to Versailles two weekends ago with a Frenchman. He told me he would be fact checking this blog post, so I’ve decided to include an enormous amount of facts and maybe a couple that aren’t true. haha! Here’s … Continue reading

07. October 2013 by Molly
Categories: France, paris, Paris Bucket List, Paris Day Trip, Travel | 5 comments

Lost in Translation~ Funny Sayings in French

“nous” vs “nu” … (if you know French you’re probably giggling right now ;-) ). There’s “to” and “two” in English, but those are harmless. But “nous” and “nu” – sound exactly the same to me. There’s a slight intonation … Continue reading

29. September 2013 by Molly
Categories: France, paris, Travel | 1 comment

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