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The Most Romantic City in Germany

In January the Frenchman and I had a couple of days off and time for a little trip so my thoughts immediately turned to Germany, a country I’d never visited! It took just about two seconds of research to discover that the most romantic city in Germany was but an hour and a half drive away – so the decision was…

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Train & Plane Travel Essentials!

I’m always a fan of the ‘travel more’ New Year’s Resolution! It’s a resolution that only results in good things- trying new dishes, seeing incredible sights, or maybe trying a cooking class.  Being based in Paris has given me the incredible opportunity to travel around and see Europe via plane and train . I’m proud to say that my pre-travel…

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Strasbourg Christmas Markets

This past weekend I was down in Strasbourg visiting the Frenchman and … the Christmas Markets!! I think I was giddy with excitement a full week before I left. My coworker kept looking over at me saying geez Molly it’s like it’s the first time you’ve been down to Strasbourg. hehe And it was- well the first time I was…

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