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Thanksgiving Tips from Mom

I love Thanksgiving! Or as I fondly call it- Turkey Day! This is most likely because it involves a TON of cooking, a massive meal, cozy time around the table with friends and family, and lots of different desserts to make and eat. Over the years I have seen my mom master Thanksgiving- she seriously has a game plan that…

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One Pie Per Person! Happy Thanksgiving!

Just one last Thanksgiving installment this year! A couple of pictures from Thanksgiving back home. I beamed in from Paris via Skype and was set a place at the table. haha! Just like Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory as my mom said. Yup and the pie to ratio person was equal! haha! Four pies: Pumpkin, Pecan, Apple, and Cherry…

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Thanksgiving Prep in the Wilkinson Household

I chatted with my mom over Skype a couple of days ago to interview her about our family’s dressing recipe that we have had every year for as long as I can remember. While I was talking to my mom they were preparing for a snowstorm which in Texas means about a centimeter of sleet or snow and that everyone…

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Thanksgiving Recipes! Thanksgiving Links!

I’m busy thinking about Thanksgiving in Paris having celebrated it a couple weeks ago in all it’s awesome glory. I think I was recovering from a food coma while running an 8K… Bad decision- what? Never! Thanksgiving is in full swing back at home in Dallas despite a doom inducing snowstorm of a possible 1cm ground coverage. It’s actually colder…

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My Grandmum’s Dressing Recipe~

I called my mom on Skype last night to interview her about this recipe (beaming in all the way from Paris!). I was corrected within two seconds that no! It was not stuffing, but dressing! Pourquoi mommy dearest? Well! Because it is not cooked in the bird. So there you have it folks: Stuffing = Cooked in the Turkey! Not…

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