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Chocolate Raspberry Financiers

Chocolate Raspberry Financiers

The story of the financier is that they were invented by a pastry shop in the Stock Exchange sector of Paris as little cakes in the shape of gold bars that businessmen could put in their pocket as a snack for later. The almond cakes […]

Fou de Patisserie’s NEW Boutique

Fou de Patisserie’s NEW Boutique

Now usually there’s a bit of a heads up when something opens: construction, a coming soon sign, maybe a news article, but this one seemed to pop up literally overnight. One minute I’m jumping on the train to go to Normandy and the next, a text from […]

Mini Pumpkin S’mores Tarts

Last week I was on the hunt for a torch. We’re talking a mega torch for singeing things like meringue or warming up the bowl of a mixer to get butter to room temperature faster. I’d say a torch, mixer, whisk, zester and a spatula […]

Mushroom “Galettes” or How to Cook in an Itty-Bitty Kitchen in Paris

My kitchen here in Paris is approximately a 113cm x 145cm or 44in x 58in or if we’re talking feet, 3’x4′. Oh and part of this is taken up by the sink/stove top/fridge. But! I thought I would prove to you that size doesn’t matter (that […]

The 20 Days of Holiday Treats: Day 14 Gingersnap Palmiers

I really wanted to call these Gingersnap Mustaches! They’re crunchy from the syrup caramelizing and flaky and buttery in the inside. Not to mention addicting! These are made with pre-made puff pastry that is coated in a sugar-spice mixture and brushed with a molasses/ginger syrup. The […]