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Sweet Potato Hash for One

It’s two sweet potato recipes in a row! This one because of an amazing breakfast in Kansas City I had last weekend and the fresh eggs and mushrooms I got from the market yesterday. This recipe is for one lucky person for breakfast, lunch, or dinner- and great to throw in the oven while you’re doing other things. Just don’t forget…

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Cranberry Orange Scones

Sundays are such a perfect day for making breakfast, waking up late, and just being lazy.   I slept in until 8am and then this thing woke me up. After we had a lovely run in with the neighbors in full PJs, I went back to sleep until 10am. This happens to be the perfect time to wake up on…

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Strawberry and Rosemary Scones

One of my friends from Orlando was in town this weekend so I totally had to make him something uber delicous! I saw Giada make these on her show, gosh, about a year ago and always thought they were so cute! I also wanted to see what the interesting combination of rosemary and strawberry tasted like. yummm… You can start…

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