Apple Rosemary Loaf Cake

Apple Rosemary Loaf Cake

Have you ever infused rosemary into a dessert? I’ve tried it before with these Strawberry Rosemary Scones years ago and then later in a Charlotte but have since completely forgotten about it. I’m slightly kicking myself too because wow is it a great combo. The […]

Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Did you know that we’re only a little more than halfway through the summer? I love the sun and being able to do fun outdoor water sports but jiminy cricket I’m tired of the 105 degree days. This is just crazy. Something I’m not in […]

My Sister’s Weakness!

Hello! It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged. Works been absolutely crazy with launching a new client, training a huge team of new folks, and all the hard work associated with it. My days the last three weeks have consisted of driving to work, […]

Cranberry-Orange Nut Bread

Cranberry-Orange Nut Bread

I loooove fall! The changing leaves and cooler temps bring along my favorite flavors of the year– pumpkin, butternut squash, and not to mention cranberries. The temperature hasn’t started to dip here in Texas (we’re still in the 70s) but I’ve been able to get […]

Starter from a Professional Baker

This weekend I volunteered to help with a Central Market cooking class. They brought in a local baker, Gwin Grimes, from Artisan Bread Co. in Fort Worth to talk about bread. She shared some great bread tips with us. The first time she sold bread, she sold […]

Banana Bread with Mini Chocolate Chips

Lazy Sunday mornings are made for Banana Bread and long walks with the Nut. It is gorgeous in Texas right now so we are outside as much as possible to enjoy it before the hot weather hits. It’s worth keeping a couple ripe bananas in […]