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Happy Thanksgiving!

From all of us to you! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and your tummy’s are full of pie! yum!

Rocky Road Brownies

Toasted marshmallows with a medly of chopped nuts and chocolate chips on top of a rich fudge brownie… Rocky Road Brownies! Now I’m wondering why Rocky Road Ice Cream never appealed to me! These are easy and fun to make especially when you have a fun kitchen […]

Peanut’s New Summer Doo

Boy oh Boy is it hot outside here in Texas! We’re in the 100s pretty much every day and Peanut is sure feeling the heat! We can’t walk around the building in the afternoon without absolutely dying. woo wee! The unsuspecting haircut victim: dun dun […]

Happy Valentine’s Day from Peanut!

Hope you had a good one filled with lots of sweet treats!

Mexican Hot-Chocolate Cookies on a Snow Day

I LOVE snow because any amount of snow in Texas means we get a Snow Day! And snow days mean I get to sleep in right up till the moment I’m supposed to start work; practical clothes include PJs and cozy socks, anything else is […]