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Healthy Blueberry Pancakes for One

I had pancakes on the brain this morning. Which quickly turned into pancakes for one after I woke up a smidgen late and found that my parents had already eaten. whoops- I think a 10:30am wake up is totally respectable for a Sunday morning. 😀 A quick google search later and here I am eating blueberry filled, delicious pancakes while writing this…

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Fourth of July Sandwich Cookies!

Woowee I’m so excited for the Fourth! Yesterday we had Theme Thursday at work and the theme was Americana. ok Seriously, when can you come to work and see the COO in a cheesy Fourth of July shirt? Think white polo with a realistic flag blowing across the chest with the full Declaration of Independence in cursive as an overlay.…

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Blueberry Picking in TX and Blueberry Cookies!

This weekend was such a blast! Us city girls decided to take a trip into the country and pick some blueberries! I found the cutest place in the little town of Edom, TX called Blueberry Hill Farms. When we arrived, it smelled so good inside the bakery that we just had to start our day with a blueberry muffin and some blueberry lemonade!…

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