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Blueberry Alsatian Tart

Blueberry Alsatian Tart

My favorite fruit season is finally here!!! Blueberries and strawberries in the market. 😀 Which means it’s the perfect time for baking with berries. This tart focuses on beautiful fresh blueberries and in a bit of a twist from your typical blueberry pie, a custard […]

The Quintessential French Cake: Financiers!

The Quintessential French Cake: Financiers!

This is one of my favorite little desserts to make. It’s super easy and versatile! Great for dessert with tea, a quick pick me up, or just about anything! Crunchy on the outside, and springy and full of buttery, nutty flavor on the inside. Financiers […]

Maple Cake

A couple months ago we had a wedding shower for my friend Amanda. The set up was ridiculously cute with everyone pitching in different dishes. There were cookies as favors, fun games, and a crazy cute chalkboard sign! OMG we had so much fun celebrating! The debate was […]

Overnight Nutella Oatmeal

I first became familiar with the concept of overnight oatmeal when I started reading the blog Carrots n’ Cake. It’s a great way to make a healthy breakfast ahead, then the next morning, grab it on your way to work or school. Here’s how it […]

Perfect White Cake + Almond Wedding Cake Variation

I was just updating my recipe section and noticed that I am a bit heavy on the cookie recipes and have only posted two cake recipes to date! What a travesty! Then I got to thinking- I love making cakes but since they do require […]

Chocolate Almond Bars

First of all, wasn’t the Royal Wedding absolutely beautiful! I set my alarm for 3am to watch it. Peanut was quite surprised when I got up. I turned on the TV, watched for 30 seconds, and then went back to sleep. I woke up a […]