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Jet Lag Cures!

Jet Lag Cures!

Traveling back and forth from Texas to France has made me super conscious of how to beat jet lag because let’s face it, it’s probably the worst part of overseas traveling and it can ruin the first couple of days of a vacation. This last […]

Thanksgiving Tips from Mom

Thanksgiving Tips from Mom

I love Thanksgiving! Or as I fondly call it- Turkey Day! This is most likely because it involves a TON of cooking, a massive meal, cozy time around the table with friends and family, and lots of different desserts to make and eat. Over the […]

Interesting Things I’ve Found While Living in Paris

I found this post in my drafts from when I was living in Paris two years ago and had to share. 🙂 I do laundry constantly. In our washing machine you can fit a grand total of 4 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, and some […]

Packing for the Expat Life in France

When I packed for France it was a nightmare! With the weight limits and bag limits I repacked a solid 8 times, took over the living room, kept standing on and off the scale, and just about pulled my hair out. I wasn’t sure what […]

Brussels~ Beer beer and more beeeerrr!

Did I tell you I went to Brussels, and I was going to post about it about a month ago, even though I went in January? (this is me chuckling) tehehe oh life I went to Brussels about five months ago, er, at the beginning […]

Tonsils ~ Be Gone You Pests! oh and Adenoids- You too!

*Heads up #1: I’m currently taking quite a bit of painkillers so if something sounds a bit weird- you’ll know why… 😀 *Heads up #2: I’ve tried to keep anything gruesome out of this! So don’t worry! There’s just one paragraph but a warning before […]