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Applying for a Jeune Professionnel Visa

Could it be! A French work visa that is… shall we dare to say it… easy to get? That is if you find a company to sponsor you and you’re willing to deal with a couple months of stress. No biggie. … Continue reading

01. August 2016 by Molly
Categories: France, paris | 4 comments

A Love Affair with… French Taxes

Living abroad has it’s high points (pastries, baguettes, wine!) and it’s low points (taxes, paper work, paper work, bureaucracy, paper work). Most of the times I credit the incredible network of friends that I have here for getting me through … Continue reading

07. July 2016 by Molly
Categories: France, paris | 2 comments

Chateau de St. Paterne Normandy Trip

A quick hour train ride away from Paris and I felt like I was in another country and it was exactly as I expected. Cows, fields of green grass, and an immediate downpour of rain. I was in Normandy for … Continue reading

22. May 2016 by Molly
Categories: cake, France, Paris Day Trip, Travel | 2 comments

Fou de Patisserie’s NEW Boutique

Now usually there’s a bit of a heads up when something opens: construction, a coming soon sign, maybe a news article, but this one seemed to pop up literally overnight. One minute I’m jumping on the train to go to Normandy … Continue reading

08. April 2016 by Molly
Categories: France, paris, Paris Bucket List, pastry | 1 comment

Coffee in Paris

This has been a little bit of a debate with my expat friends here in Paris. Coffee just isn’t done very well here, at least from our opinion. With that being said though, there are actually a lot of good … Continue reading

29. February 2016 by Molly
Categories: France, paris | 5 comments

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