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A Trip to Jacques Genin

Lauded and infamous in the pastry world in Paris- Jacques Genin is a formidable force (if not just for his legendary temper in the kitchen). The pastry shop by his same name is located at the top of the Marais near the 400 year old covered market- Marché des Enfants Rouge. It’s actually a little hard to find as it’s…

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Tarte au Cantal et aux Tomates

As we near the end of summer it’s all about making use of all those great vegetables! Including tomatoes! I went to the market the other day and picked up loads and loads of tomatoes in all different sizes and colors for a traditionally French tart called a Tarte au Cantal. It’s super easy to make with a short ingredients…

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Applying for a Jeune Professionnel Visa

Could it be! A French work visa that is… shall we dare to say it… easy to get? That is if you find a company to sponsor you and you’re willing to deal with a couple months of stress. No biggie. When I was here on a student visa and even now, a pretty common question among expats is, how are…

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Paris May 2016

A Love Affair with… French Taxes

Living abroad has it’s high points (pastries, baguettes, wine!) and it’s low points (taxes, paper work, paper work, bureaucracy, paper work). Most of the times I credit the incredible network of friends that I have here for getting me through so many of the obstacles that there are including… French Taxes. Did it bring chills to your heart just as…

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