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Packing for the Expat Life in France

When I packed for France it was a nightmare! With the weight limits and bag limits I repacked a solid 8 times, took over the living room, kept standing on and off the scale, and just about pulled my hair … Continue reading

10. September 2014 by Molly
Categories: France, general tips, paris | 4 comments

Me & the Baking Chin~ Video

My friend Ian and I made a video on how to make my Browned Butter Brownies a couple of months ago in his apartment in Paris! Here it is! I hope you enjoy, especially the song at the end. haha … Continue reading

02. February 2014 by Molly
Categories: brownies, chocolate, France, paris | 1 comment

Frenchisms~ Si Si! Ooh la la

Just like the long stereotyped Italian hand signals, the French have all sorts of fun facial expressions, punctuating words, noises… as do we as I’ve learned… apparently I do some sort of hand signal all the time where I’m pointing.. … Continue reading

27. January 2014 by Molly
Categories: France, paris | 2 comments

Christmas in Paris~

Just a couple of pictures of Christmas in Paris that I took over the last couple of weeks! Right now I’m celebrating it with Jenni and her fam in England! A late night visit to a Christmas Market by La … Continue reading

24. December 2013 by Molly
Categories: christmas, France, paris | 1 comment

When Going to the Post Office Takes 2 Hours…

… but ends in me walking down the street grinning like an idiot. This all started with an innocent enough text to Jenni and the Frenchman on Saturday morning when I woke up around 11am (or maybe 11:30, nah 11) … Continue reading

20. December 2013 by Molly
Categories: France, paris, random wanderings in paris | Comments Off

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