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My New Owl!

Say hello to my new owl!! Since getting to Paris I’ve been dying to go to a flea market and scavenge! Then I met Ian. Ian of The Baking Chin at school one day. This is Ian- Hi Ian!! Making “Pain aux Raisins!” I can confirm that he does have nice buns- raisin buns!! hahaha! We soon started talking about…

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International Dinner Party!

Part of the fun of going to the Cordon Bleu has been the wide variety of friends I’ve made from so many different countries! Just about every person in our group is from a different country. So cool! For fun we decided to have a dinner party where each person brought a dish representative of their country. We knew finding…

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Le Cordon Bleu Paris! C’est Tres Cool!

OMG……………………………………… I had orientation on Saturday, then my first class on Tuesday, first practical on Wednesday and geez I absolutely LOVE it! Everyone is so warm and friendly, not the uptight French like I was expecting. Everything is translated into English so I don’t feel like I’m missing out because I don’t know French. And the chefs are so skilled,…

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