Le Cordon Bleu Paris Pastry Grad, Living and Traveling Around France

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My New Owl!

Say hello to my new owl!! Since getting to Paris I’ve been dying to go to a flea market and scavenge! Then I met Ian. Ian of The Baking Chin at school one day. This is Ian- Hi Ian!! Making “Pain aux Raisins!” I can […]

A wee bit of Scotland~ Edinburgh

Intermediate Pastry finished a week and a half ago. So crazy!!! It is passing so quickly. We had about a week off (broken up by graduation- um who can say poor planning!). Tina and I decided a bit of traveling was due! We weirdly started […]

International Dinner Party!

Part of the fun of going to the Cordon Bleu has been the wide variety of friends I’ve made from so many different countries! Just about every person in our group is from a different country. So cool! For fun we decided to have a […]

LCB Week 1- Diamantes & Tarte Tatin

I’ve already been in class for two weeks???? Crazy talk! We have learned and made so much already! Luckily I think I’ve actually lost a little bit of weight just from all of the walking! phew- at least it’s not the other way around. People […]

Le Cordon Bleu Paris! C’est Tres Cool!

OMG……………………………………… I had orientation on Saturday, then my first class on Tuesday, first practical on Wednesday and geez I absolutely LOVE it! Everyone is so warm and friendly, not the uptight French like I was expecting. Everything is translated into English so I don’t feel […]

Crunchy M&Ms~! Free Louvre Tickets! Cranky Checkout Lady.

I visited the Cordon Bleu today!! It’s a 20 minute walk from my apartment past lots of grumpy teens that were on their lunch break. I might look for another route that sidesteps the schools depending on my class time. haha The school was so […]