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Triple Threat Chocolate Cookies

I was going to put the full name of this cookie as the title but it was a little long! Here we go- chocolate chocolate chip white chocolate chip cookies. Woo that’s a mouthful! And a tasty one at that. The first day I made these, I probably ate at least 8. Maybe more, um probably more. Now this is the bad thing about being back in the States, too much kitchen space! And far too many chocolate chips at my disposal.


This was my first try at a Pioneer Woman recipe. I’d heard so much, perused her site many a time, but never taken a dip! This makes a massive amount of cookies (read enough for me to eat a bajillion and then take this many…. to work the next day and have some frozen cookie dough in the freezer).


They are addictively amazing. I might never make them again, they were so good. Scratch that! I will be making them again but bi-golly have something to take them to because the next day, even though I brought that massive container to work, I ate 5. I emailed my team and said- Subject: There are three cookies left… Email: Please eat before my cookie quota reaches 8 today.


My only compliant was that they spread quite a bit. Even after chilling the dough and freezing it before baking each batch. This is absolutely due to the high butter content. It’s not a deal breaker- but I definitely like my cookies to be a bit thicker in the middle. :-D Because that’s where they’ll be going… :-) If, sorry when, I try these again, I’ll be increasing the proportion of flour.

Triple Threat Chocolate Cookies

Adapted from the Pioneer Woman.

2-1/2 sticks unsalted butter, Softened (282g)
2 cups sugar (400g)
2 whole eggs
3 teaspoons vanilla (pinch of vanilla powder)
2 cups flour (22og)
3/4 cups cocoa powder (63g)
1-1/2 teaspoon baking soda (9g)
1 teaspoon salt (2g)
1-1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips (240g)
1 1/2 cups white chocolate chips (240g)

Preheat oven to 350°F (160C).

Cream butter and sugar together until fluffy then add the eggs one at a time. Mix in vanilla (if using liquid) or add a pinch of vanilla powder to the dry ingredients.

Whisk together dry ingredients, then add in batches to the mixer, mixing until just combined after each addition.

Gently blend in chocolate chips and white chocolate chips.

Scoop out cookie dough, rolling into balls on parchment lined cookie sheets. To help with spreading, freeze for about 15 minutes before baking.  Bake for 9 to 11 minutes or until cookies are barely done but still soft and chewy.

Let cool on a baking rack. Enjoy!

**Don’t feel like making 3-4 dozen cookies? Half the recipe or freeze the extra cookie dough in balls!

14. April 2014 by Molly
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Tonsils ~ Be Gone You Pests! oh and Adenoids- You too!

*Heads up #1: I’m currently taking quite a bit of painkillers so if something sounds a bit weird- you’ll know why… :-D

*Heads up #2: I’ve tried to keep anything gruesome out of this! So don’t worry! There’s just one paragraph but a warning before it!

I’m on day three of my tonsil and adenoid removal! The later I didn’t realize were coming out until I was having a pre-surgery chat with one of the nurses the day before. oh of all the surprises.. I knew I had to have my tonsils out though so after meeting with the doctor to confirm, I decided to have them out just one week later. Why hold it off? I’d really just rather get it over with. And, there wasn’t ever going to be a good time. And if I’d scheduled it a month from now there would be all that build up to surgery.

A week build up was enough too. Just researching what foods to eat and I was reading horror stories about how awful the two week recovery was. agh no thank yoU! I’d also seen my little sister have her’s taken out about a year ago. So after reading all those articles (or really just two before getting grossed out) I thought I’d put something up on my blog- nothing gross with straight forward tips for anyone else that might have to have theirs out pretty soon!

How did I know I had to get my tonsils out? After a super super bad case of tonsillitis about this time last year and one very fun visit to the doctor in Paris with Jenni. Well, after that my tonsils never quite went back to normal and I kept getting sick every 1-2 months with something throat related. I think I went back to the doctor two more times and then always had throat losages on me. I had trouble running, sometimes breathing, just really not that fun. So I kind of had resigned myself to getting them removed once I was back in the states. A quick 15 minute visit to a nose and throat specialist here in the states, and yup it was confirmed.

What to do before getting your tonsils out?

  • Get lots of rest, eat lots and lots of food (bulk up like you’re a bear going into hibernation).
  • Ask people for advice, but let them know that you’ll be comparing war stories afterwards.
  • Have a couple pairs of comfy clothes ready to go! Clean sheets and a clean room (trust me, you’re not going to want to look at it for two weeks).
  • Figure out what you think you’ll want to eat.
  • Ask friends for movies/tv series to borrow and grab some books!

What should I eat? I put this question on facebook and got some pretty great responses (thanks friends!). So you’re throat is going to hurt (I’m comparing it to being super similar to my first case of tonsillitis, that’s how bad that case was..). You could also compare it to a very bad sore throat. With pain killers, it’s manageable though. The first day you’re going to be starving! (see above tip about eating as much as possible before the surgery). You want to eat things that are smooth and easy to swallow. What me and my parents decided to do was a trial- so not buy too many of one thing until I figured out what worked.  Obviously it’s going to depend on the person too.

Here’s what I’ve been eating and drinking- the milder the better! Either room temp or icy cold:

  • Lots and Lots of ice water- it helps with swelling and feels good! You want to keep your throat as (well there isn’t really a great word for this so why not throw them all out there..) wet/moist/lubricated as possible. We stuck a big jug of water in the fridge.
  • Pudding- It has the perfect texture but is a bit too rich/sweet for me. So I’ve just been eating a little bit of it.
  • Applesauce- the smoothest kind you can get.
  • Scrambled eggs- on day two I really wanted some protein to hopefully help with the recovery. Cut into small small pieces and it’s ok! Just drink lots of water with it too.
  • Mashed Potatoes- super similar to pudding for me. Awesome texture, but a bit too rich!
  • Chicken broth and rice- this was a suggestion from a friend. Delicious! Especially when your mom makes homemade chicken broth! You don’t want it very hot though. Room temp!
  • The usual: Popsicles, Jello
  • Warm green tea with honey (we’re going to try adding ginger as well)
  • Ice Cream/Sherbet

Random Tips:

  • Do exactly as the doctor says. ok sounds silly but really!
  • Avoid citrus.
  • Swallow a lot- this is what my doctor said to do to get well ASAP. Keeping those muscles working is a really good idea.
  • Keep track of your pain medicine. another duh tip! but might as well include it!
  • Saline nose spray- really great! Helps with just about everything.
  • Plastic cups- you’re going to be a bit weak so anything that makes it easier is a plus!
  • Sleeping- propped up, as much as possible, and a humidifier helps!
  • Before surgery, ask for extra pain killer- my mom said this helped me get through the first day.
  • Straws- eh, not a fan.
  • It’s going to be a little hard to chew.
  • Try not to talk too much!
  • Socks and different blankets are good. You’re probably going to be a little chilly.

What to expect:

First Day (maybe skip this paragraph if you tend to not do well with surgery/needles/etc): I tend to freak out a massive amount before getting any sort of IV. Like really freak out. It’s probably not normal but ooooo well. Just imagine a scary movie with a crazy lady looking around with wide eyes at multiple nurses, and the doctor calling out for the anesthetist to come quickly with a cocktail (probably the only occasion where that particular word sends chills down my spine).  Then multiple syringes later (why do they do it where you can see it?!) and me refusing as much as possible to go under while being told to take deep breaths. Pretty? no but ya.. then I got my tonsils out. *sheepish smile*

After surgery, in an attempt to be the best patient ever – I drank lots of cold water and ate a popsicle. good idea! and then we got home and I just kinda lounged for a bit, drank more water and was surprised that it didn’t hurt too too much (it was definitely because of the extra pain meds the doctor gave me). In and out of super sleepiness but not really sleeping because I never really been able to go to sleep very easily. Anesthesia though just always makes you feel a bit bad though so I did throw up once. But that’s it. phew. I felt surprisingly ok though just really weak from the stress of it all. It was really hard to sleep that night though because I would wake up every couple of hours.

peanut visitor

Second Day: Exhausted!! Because I didn’t get enough sleep and probably overdid it chatting with friends the day before. And then there was the steroids. I hate taking steroids and antibiotics. The pain though, was still tolerable. Lots of naps to get through a queasy stomach after each of the six steroids, and I was ok. Again, super similar to the tonsillitis I had (which will tell you how bad of a case that had been…).

Third Day: I got lots of sleep last night. phew! Helped a lot! But my throat just hurts… :-( Looking forward to when I can have my next pain medicine! :-D 30 more minutes!

So moral of the story- it’s not as bad as you make it out to be in your mind or those awful stories you hear (or maybe I’m just not to the worst part yet!). But keep looking forward to the point a couple weeks from now where you’ll be better!

I foresee lots of boring days in the next week and a half so feel free to leave TV, movie, or book recommendations! Or any other tips for surviving a tonsillectomy without dying in bed. haha :-) Laters!


12. April 2014 by Molly
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The Trip Back to the US

I’ve been back in the US for just over 2 weeks now. It feels like so much longer though. I miss France like crazy even as things are slipping more into normal here. I’ve been busy and bored. It’s a weird discombobulation of things- working part time at my marketing job, working on projects, baking and cooking like crazy (thanks to the ridiculously awesome stocked kitchen we have and a gift of a ton of flour, sugar, and butter courtesy of mi madre), and I have a super cool new job – helping with catering at a well-known B&B! Thanks for the reference BMcD!

But I’ll have days were I’m not really doing anything and the France-sickness sets in (it’s a new deadly disease sweeping this part of the country). I start looking for a stinky cheese and a bien cuit baguette to munch on, Coeur de Pirate is turned on full blast, the dogs are taken on wildly long walks which I come back from and think of how far that could have gotten me in the city, or I’ll contemplate wearing all black. But mostly I think about my friends and the life that I miss so much across the ocean. oh and pastries like this pretty rose flavored religieuse from La Duree. :-)

iPhone Photos 12-24-13 053

But how was the trip back? You know I always have a good travel story. They usually range from missed alarms, forgotten passports, or close to flat tires but this one.. this one might just surprise you!

I bought my plane ticket to Dallas just a month before I was due to leave the country. A good bit of procrastinating ended up saving me $200 on my plane ticket annnd I even got a direct flight option. A sign of good things in my traveling future?

About a week before I left I started going through my things and deciding what should stay in France. A good amount of wine was involved. An early morning trip out of the city and they were stashed at a friend’s place. Thank you Jess and Vincent!!!

Four days before my flight I had a dinner party. We had enough plates but Julien, The Frenchman’s friend, had to drink wine from a juice cup. sorry! I made a salad with brie (that had been highly discussed at the fromagerie earlier in the day), pistachios, honey, and mache, lemon roast chicken, potatoes, and for dessert individual moelleux au chocolat with salted caramel. yum! And close to 5 bottles of wine. There were roof top pics with the Sacre Coeur as the backdrop, far too much French for my brain to comprehend all of it, and a bottle of wine that just had to be finished at the end of the night. ;-)

Then I was down to three days and contemplating packing? Especially because I had to narrow down what had come to France in two large suitcases, a backpacking backpack, and a carry on and what I had bought in France, to just one large suitcase and a carry on.

The next day I packed and repacked for a solid 4 hours. This is how the apartment looked:


Then did some errands aka. tea and chocolate shopping for mom, a last amazing pastry for me in the Tuilleries from Fauchon, and champagne with the chefs at La Fabrique where I did my stage. Then drinks and charcuterie with the girls before a mad rush at the end of the night to bring two bags over to Jenni’s that would absolutely not fit in my suitcase.

Going Away Drinks 3-12-14

The next morning I was up at 5am, struggling to repack once again, double checking that I had my passport, and soaking in my last view of Paris. The plan as I’d told my friends the night before would be to see if I could make it to the elevator and the door leading to the street with all my bags. That would decide if I would take a taxi the full way to the airport or just halfway and catch the bus in between. A Zeus level struggle later and I was on the phone with the taxi company. There was no way, I was even starting to question my ability to walk through the airport!

I made it though. In a bit of a daze because me and early mornings never work. Up first- check in my massive, probably overweight, despite checking it 4+ times, bag. As I was waiting in line, the attendant took a look at my carry on and said umm I’m not sure that is going to fit in the overhead. Do you think you could make it smaller? A quick sure! and no more questions. I didn’t even have to attempt to show him that indeed it was going to fit.

Speaking of weight limits- let’s get to my checked bag. The one that was 2.5 kilos over. The lady just smiled at me and said “just be careful next time, or there will be a $60 fee.” as she slipped a “heavy” tag on to my bag.

Next was security and I was one bag over the two bag allowance, and you know the situation with my carry on. My purse got caught for a security search. Maybe it was because I decided that a liquids bag wasn’t necessary for this trip or that I’d entirely forgotten what I had in my purse? The security team was in the middle of training someone and being extremely thorough with the items that were stopped before mine. I was waiting and waiting until a new security guy happened to come through and call me over. A very quick search through my bag and I was suddenly being asked how old I was which then spurred a conversation with another security guy in French about the age range of women they would date. Needless to say, I was passed through without anymore questions.

An hour and a half wait and I’d had coffee, orange juice, a muffin, a chat with the Frenchman, ran into an older couple from Texas whose daughter lived in Paris with her husband, texted with friends, and gone through my Facebook feed too many times to tell. Then we were lining up about to board, and I was joking with my seatmates about my carry on and if it would fit. It didn’t until I took out two binders and two books. The same bin opened multiple times throughout the flight. My seatmate urged me that it was not my bag, but hers. I care to disagree though…

A little while into the flight and I was looking in my purse for my chapstick and happened to unearth pepper spray and a wine bottle opener…? Good job security man, good job.

The rest of the trip was uneventful- lots of flying, watching the overhead bin above us open, three glasses of wine with my new found friend in the seat next to me, looking out the window, and changing the movie to be in French, because it was incredibly boring in English. A super speedy walk through customs and I was in Texas!

This little guy was waiting for me at home. :-)



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On Coming Back

I’ve had a lot of people from the States ask me if “I’m ever coming back.” In response, I’d probably chuckle and say that I didn’t want to or say “Never!” and we’d talk about other things. But the question misses one crucial thing~ the fact that I really do have to go back to the US. That I can’t stay forever in the amazing state of ambiguity that my family, friends, work, and patisserie school have put me in for a year.

I have just two days before I have to leave the country that feels so much like home to me. agh my stomach is churning just thinking about it! Why couldn’t it be the horrible gloomy, rainy, gross winter weather that it’s been the last couple of months? Instead it’s close to picnic season and oh so sunny – essentially my favorite time of the year!

I can’t wait to see my family, friends, and oh my goodness Mr. Nut but I can’t help but think how much I’m going to miss the life I have here, my friends, and the beautiful city that Paris is. So much so that I procrastinated for a good three months on buying my plane ticket home. I felt like a little kid stomping my feet , dragging my heels, and having a temper tantrum but I finally forced myself to do it just weeks before I was set to leave. oops!

So I’m coming back to Texas for a bit.

And I will be making lots of pastries- Get your elastic waistbands ready! :-) There will be lots of margaritas and Mexican food as well. And I’ll be catching y’all up on a lot of things that have been happening over that past two months here in France!

Until then, I will be eating lots of chocolate, cheese, French food, drinking a ridiculous amount of French wine, and catching up with as many people as I can while doing the above things. ;-)


11. March 2014 by Molly
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Me & the Baking Chin~ Video

My friend Ian and I made a video on how to make my Browned Butter Brownies a couple of months ago in his apartment in Paris! Here it is! I hope you enjoy, especially the song at the end. haha :-)

Make sure to check out his channel on Youtube!

02. February 2014 by Molly
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