Lille and a Seriously Fabulous Food Tour

My sisters were in Paris for a week and wanted to do a day trip. Instead of the classic Chateau or little town surrounding Paris I opted to take them to a town a little future away. My thought was travel is travel. With a chateau you walk around for a bit and of course see something neat but end…

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Thanksgiving Tips from Mom

I love Thanksgiving! Or as I fondly call it- Turkey Day! This is most likely because it involves a TON of cooking, a massive meal, cozy time around the table with friends and family, and lots of different desserts to make and eat. Over the years I have seen my mom master Thanksgiving- she seriously has a game plan that…

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Du Pain et Des Idées

If you visit one Boulangerie in your life you might want to make it this one. A huge statement indeed my friends! But this one lives up to any sort of expectation you could throw at it. Their claim to fame is the Pain d’Amie which is baked in a MASSIVE loaf and you can get by the piece or…

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Paris Streets

Things I Bring Back to France from the US

With the holidays quickly approaching- I’m super excited to start planning a trip home over Christmas! Naturally, as happens for just about every expat, my thoughts turned to what I need to stock up on and how much space I can leave in my suitcase for bringing said items back. Usually this means bringing enough underwear, socks, a pair or…

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Financiers | Toffee Bits and Chocolate Chips

The Quintessential French Cake: Financiers!

This is one of my favorite little desserts to make. It’s super easy and versatile! Great for dessert with tea, a quick pick me up, or just about anything! Crunchy on the outside, and springy and full of buttery, nutty flavor on the inside. Financiers were first invented in the late 19th century by a pastry shop that was located…

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